About Me

Travel Is my Passion. But wanderlust Abhi isn’t just about travel. It’s about love and living a full, happy life.

Welcome to WanderlustAbhi, the brainchild of Abhishek, I am a passionate traveler and professional digital marketer. With a love for travel ignited five years ago, I started my captivating journey of exploration and wanderlust.

At Wanderlust Abhi, we bring you the best of both worlds -Through captivating travel photography, I take you on virtual adventures to mesmerizing destinations worldwide. Get ready to be transported to breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and hidden gems with me 

What do I do?

In addition to being an avid traveler, Abhi is a seasoned digital marketer. With expertise in the field, he seamlessly blends his passion for travel with professional freelancing work in digital marketing. From content creation to social media strategies, I leverage my skills to help businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

Join the Wanderlust Abhi community as we discover the beauty of the world, where we will inspire and share valuable travel tips.